Pittsburgh Area Guide

Welcome to Bloomfield & Shadyside!

Start your adventure with the convenient, clean, fun and friendly Hyatt House Pittsburgh/Bloomfield/Shadyside. Pennsylvania is called the Keystone State because of its pivotal role in the development of the country, and our hotel is crucial to Shadyside's development as an inviting, family-friendly environment.

Guests from every walk of life love walking from our hotel to local shops, boutiques, galleries, restaurants and more. On the off chance that something is farther than a mile away, use our hotel shuttle. Accessibility is the key to our success, which is why destination hotspots seem closer here than they would at any other hotel. Our Shadyside PA Hotel is close to the Best Boutiques, Spas, and Eateries

Discover what makes Shadyside the side of town that everyone wants to see. Bustle from bistro to bistro in our busy dining sector, or shop on Walnut Street less than a mile away. More than our fair share of stores are just around the corner, and the same can be said of centers, malls and squares that feature high-grade home furnishings, fabulous retail giants and superb boutique staples. Figure into your plans a visit to the salon, or extend this pampering to your dog when you leave our pet-friendly hotel and go to the annual Bark Shadyside Pup Walk.

Over 80 businesses are ready to have you, and over 50 of these are raring to see your four-legged friend. Expand your friend base by bringing all your loved ones to this fun, tightly-knit community.

More Information About What's Nearby & Things To Do in the Pittsburgh/Bloomfield/Shadyside area:

Wednesday August 21, 2019